Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Prior to Volcano Park: the turtles!

This is what my aunt Melinda texted before we left for the park: It’s 2.6 hours to the park so if Johnny travels at 47 miles an hour and stops 7 times, how long will it take to get there? And that about summed it up too. We kept stopping in all the cool places.
On our way to Volcano National Park, we stopped at this beach to see the black sand.
 And the best part is that there were three sea turtles resting on the beach. Now my day was made!
Took this picture before reading the sign that said stay 15 feet away from turtles. Oops. My bad. But I just couldn't HELP it.

 Turtle kisses! (actually that one was trying to push out the other one)
Susan next to the turtle.

 It was an exquisite beach!
Prior to leaving for our trip, my aunt Melinda reminded me if any black sand was lurking around, now was the time to take it back. My aunt Vicki had actually had a canister of black sand and Melinda took that bad boy back and dumped it right on the beach! So she is the Poster Child for not removing black sand from Hawaii. The goddess Pele approves, I'm sure!

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