Saturday, June 1, 2013

Ancient pitcher

My grandmother has had this pitchers for years and uses it to water her plants. It's about to give up the ghost and, after we looked at it, the brand is Evenflo. This is what my grandmother used to make formula for my mother so it's over 65 years old!

Try making anything you'd buy nowadays last 65 days, much less 65 years! I'm determined to send these pictures to Evenflo and give them a high-5.

Smoke tree

In my grandmother's front yard is this sad, decrepit tree we swear has bloomed its last then it surprises us in late spring. And we're always happy to see it.
Hello, Smoke Tree!

Egg hatching, part 2

     The other night, Hayes whispers into the phone,"Tiffany found another goose egg and it's peeping!"
     "What are you going to do with it?" I asked.
     "It won't hatch until after I get down there," she informs me about our upcoming summer together.
     Um, what?
     Our history with eggs is long. Five years ago, I bush hogged a field that turned up a wild turkey nest. We took the eggs to our apartment and put them in a shoebox under a lamp. I wondered how long I'd keep them there until I told Hayes they weren't going to hatch.
     Then ... the damn things hatched. Three baby turkeys! Only one survived and Hayes called it "Fred Turkey" and it lasted a couple of weeks until our Dacshund killed it when it got out of a pen at our farm. Hayes cried and was pretty angry with the dog.
     About a month ago, she told me her friend found a goose egg and so she took it home, put it under a lamp and waited. Dud. So now here we are: expectant goose mothers. 
     Do you remember a few years ago when a goose attacked Hayes? I do. Not something I'll ever get over! And now we're supposed to hatch a baby goose in the house? 
     One thing is clear, a long-time friend said to me, Hayes is hiding the egg and bringing it to me, her mother, and all that symbolizes. "I could cry about that for 10 minutes," she said to me.
     I told Hayes I better not be the first person that thing sees when it hatches and she best hope it hangs on until Monday night when I pick them up!
     Stay tuned.