Saturday, December 25, 2010

Yeah, I SHOULD have both hands on the wheel, but...

I was driving through Lexington and saw the Shadwell Farm van so I just HAD to take a picture!

My friend Bob Witham trained the Shadwell babies in Camden, S.C., for many years prior to his untimely death two years ago. His assistant, Jennifer Leadbitter, is now the trainer and graciously allows us to lurk around the barn as we used to when Bob was around so we can watch the babies train.

Cool kids

The lights before Christmas

We loaded up the car to see the lights at Kentucky Horse Park. It has been a long time since I've gone anywhere to see holiday lights and The Daisy and The Boo were, of course, along, as well as our neighbors Chris, Anthony, Michael and Cory (all brothers).
They were in awe at the lights and so excited at seeing the lights. Time and time again I heard,"Thank you, Shannon, for bringing us." It was the best $15 spent.
Here are The Boo and Cory with Bucky, the horse park mascot:
Since I'm more of a steeplechase race fan than a flat race fan, I was happy to see this light display:

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Yogis hanging out

Since starting hot yoga over the summer, I have come to really enjoy a lot of the people I practice with and always look forward to times we hang out after class.

Nadine is the superstar of our yoga practice. Everyone wants to hang out with her and I just adore her! This is us after class - yeah, this is the I-just-got-out-of-the-shower shot: This was one of our "karma yoga" classes in which we had a potluck after then some of us went to the movies.
Here's Dale, Jack and Meredith (we told Dale she had to take the towel off her head in order to go to the movies with us): Sarah, Jack, Dale and Nadine having a laugh:
Nadine and Sarah pushing the ginormous beach ball:

Before & After

What to do with an old wedding dress?

Let The Daisy play in it! I'd had a wedding photo taken with my favorite dog Gili and here The Daisy and The Boo hang out with ReSet.

Snow day

Our first big snow and the kids talked me into going out in it, despite that I had the flu. Watching them sled the hill was well worth the venture outside though!
The Boo repeatedly sledded into a drain pipe and it would make him pop right off the sled. It was so funny!

Gingerbread house attempt

We got a gingerbread house kit from the grocery and made a morning of it. We had to hurry to take pictures because the roof was sliding off.
And then the kids demolished it with their friends by eating the roof and walls.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

First snow this winter

Maybe she should write captions for ST Times

The Daisy flipped through my latest issue of "The Steeplechase Times." I didn't know it until I was putting it in the recycling, but she had written captions on a lot of the photos and this one cracked me up:

Field trip: Three Chimneys Farm

Thanksgiving week we went to Three Chimneys' stallion division. I'd gone in the spring with my friend Charlie Pigg and The Daisy really hasn't forgiven me for doing so without her.

The Boo with Fredericka, the unofficial Three Chimneys tour guide. This was his favorite part of the tour. I've ruined the kid on horses.

Point Given is said to be the most easy going, polite stallion there.
The star of the stallions is Dynaformer. I wish I had taken pictures of his stall door that has dents it in from him kicking it out. He's said to be very professional in the breeding shed. I wonder what constitutes as "unprofessional"?
The Daisy sat here and wrote down all the stallion names from the graveyard. Yes, this is all homeschooling.
Here is Charlie's Old Fashioned Girl's yearling. She's gotten so big since spring!
So now I think The Daisy has forgiven me.

All I want for Christmas ...