Saturday, July 31, 2010

Daisy art

Here is a recent picture The Daisy did of Spirit, the Disney horse:

Berry pickin'

In early July, we went to our favorite orchard and picked gobs of blueberries! Well, I picked gobs of blueberries ... SOME people stood around and ate gobs of blueberries right off the bushes.
We moved down to the blackberry patch and were about a week too early. Still, we got almost a quart's worth of huge delicious berries.
Here is a picture of The Daisy as we were leaving, wearing her jockey goggles. Weirdo. Then The Boo has taken to sticking his head out the window as I drive down our road.

Berries weren't enough so The Boo had to partake of Cheetos:
And The Daisy finishes off a honey stick:

Monday, July 5, 2010

Watching Lou Brissie run

As usual, I tend to invite myself along on any foray into horse racing or touring farms and, again, my friend Charlie Pigg was agreeable (or too polite to say no!). So the kids and I went to Churchill Saturday to see the Dogwood Stables partnership horse Lou Brissie run.
That horse ran his heart out and was beaten, fair and square, by Kantharos but came in a good second and everyone seemed pleased with his race. At 2, he's just getting started and I imagine we've yet to see the best of him.
Here's Lou getting saddled by trainer Neil Howard:

And the jockey getting insructions from Neil. (I just had to counsel my friend Jennifer that the clothing is referred to as "silks," not pajamas and, no, they are not stupid-looking.)
Surprise of all surprises was my friend Mary Jane Howell from Dogwood! And here's Dogwood's owner Cot Campbell: For me, meeting Mr. Campbell is like someone meeting his or her favorite actor. I didn't go all stupid but I did gush a bit upon meeting him - I think he is so smart having started racing partnerships!

Of course, here's us with Charlie. Thank you, Charlie, for letting us hang out with your family and watch Lou run a good race!