Sunday, May 19, 2013

Unisti Day

Unitsi Day family photo at Raven Run Nature Park, Ky.

Before Hayes went to her birthday party, I wanted to go see the butterfly house in Cincinnati, which had a display of Moroccan butterflies. I wanted this picture to show just how freakin' tall that girl is getting!

 Trying to sneak up on a butterfly:

 Cort trying to get a butterfly on his nose!

 While Hayes was at her party, Cort and I played laser tag and it is my new favorite thing! But we were worn out ...
 So for my actual Mother's Day, we scheduled a tour at Old Friends Equine Retirement as this is our favorite place to go in Kentucky. Here is Cort with Danthebluegrassman:
 And Hayes with Creator, who is kind of a nasty creature but seems to love her. He tries to bite everyone else:
 Flick learned to show off his lip tattoo for carrots. All Thoroughbreds get an identifying tattoo when they are born.
 Giving I'm Charismatic a scratch. He is the son of one of my favorite horses, Charismatic, a Derby and Preakness winner.
 So we had our picture made with I'm Charismatic for 2013:
 As we did in 2010:
After comparing the pics, these are two different horses! The 2010 pic is of someone else I don't remember.

 Afterwards, we went to our favorite restaurant, Ted's Montana Grille. WikiStix are always fun:
 This is Haye's goose (upside down):
 And we had time to take in a hike at Raven Run Nature Park.
 I love these rock walls all over Kentucky. I'd had a neighbor who told me he bulldozed his and I just thought it was a travesty.
 Been a long time since I've seen a trumpet vine
 And it was nice to see this wild columbine at the end of our hike:
 Hayes was the smart one and hiked the whole time barefoot since it had rained and the entire trail was muddy and slick. Cort and I picked our way through trying not to get our shoes muddy nor fall down.
 At the end of the trail overlooking a river:
Great Unitsi Day weekend! I love you guys more than anything ...