Thursday, September 30, 2010

Not to be outdone ... preschool with The Boo

When I announce that we need to "do school," The Boo gives a loud protest but always seems to enjoy whatever we do. Some of our neighbor kids were down over the weekend and he asked them if they wanted to watch him do his school so I think he's just pulling my leg.
He is the trickster. He'll have me close my eyes and then he'll go and trace letters or numbers. I know this because I peek.This was last week's numbers work in which he had to match the number to the dots on the wheel. (Trust me, I'm not this creative. I steal all the great ideas from other mom/homeschooling blogs.)
We stopped by the library for its preschool game day and we were able to play "Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!" We love the book, we love the game. It may show up under the tree this holiay season.
Working with playdough:
So all this schooling is wearing the kid out. He fell asleep on his favorite perch early one evening:

4th grade physics experiments

Our curriculum this year means The Daisy must learn about physics. This stressed me out because, really, could I even DEFINE physics??
I found an excellent site online for a book of physic experiments and so this is what we do twice a week. Several weeks have comprised experiments about air. This one was to determine how air takes up space through air flow:
The Daisy was surprised to find the paper came out dry when it had been submerged in water:
As a side note, The Daisy asked me about molecules. Hmmm, how to explain? I know I learned this in school somewhere ... Fortunately, I had these little magnet molecules in a kit ordered ages ago. We were able to demonstrate how molecules hold together when cool and expand when heat is added.
We didn't have a set plan for our Outdoor Nature Hour last week so we just walked our property. We were able to watch bees collecting pollen:
This was an outing that entirely stressed out The Boo. Over the summer, we were attacked by our neighbor's honeybees. It was a scary, nightmarish experience! So any flying insect gives The Boo great concern.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mount Everest game

I will be the first to admit that the last couple of years I have been somewhat obsessed with Mount Everest. There was some show on Discovery about an expedition and I just could never miss an episode. I read books, kept up with present expeditions on the Internet then I found this game.
You can see AstroBoy is making an appearance on our Everest expedition here. I can't remember how he fared.

It sat on the shelf over a year and finally I broke it out when our homeschooling year started. It's a little complicated but the game is based on actual expeditions. Actually, it's complicated just setting up the dadgum game! You choose a route to climb with your little climber dude, following the route and it's directions.

We cheated quite a bit and The Daisy still won. (The Boo kept putting cars on top of Everest and I complained we already had enough problems with global warming without putting cars on Everest.) For instance, your route direction says you can advance only if you have goggles or oxygen or a journal or some other nonsense. We traded cards for these things a lot, even though you're not supposed to.
My little climber dude kept falling off the Northern Col so I died a few times during my expedition.

Shannon & Tony's Old Friends adventure

My friend Tony was in Lexington from L.A. to shoot some pictures so we made it a day full of horses, starting at Old Friends equine retirement. Tony has been there before as have I but we had a new horse to meet: Tinner's Way, one of Secretariat's sons, who came to live at Old Friends just two days prior to our visit.
Here is Kent with Old Friends trying to catch Tinner to go in.
This is Popcorn Deelights, better known as Seabiscuit since he was one of six horses used in the "Seabiscuit" movie.
Commentator, who's background escapes me:
But here is the ever-present Silver Charm, who gets love letters from mini mares across the country:
I mean, really, who could resist? I've told the kids perhaps we should have our mini Tara Jean send him a note.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Painted Ponies, Part 2

We were back in Lexington and so continued our search for the Painted Ponies and Foals. We added eight more to our list of 79 to see.

Scaring the bejeebers out of Boo

While milling about, waiting for The Daisy's Spanish class to start, we ended up at Keeneland's horse sales Monday morning. We insinuated ourselves near Three Chimneys Farm sales barn and hung out by a tree watching people look at horses.
The horses are all babies - 1 year olds - and therefore totally goofy. So when one decides that the wind or a rock or a bird is a scary thing destined to kill him, he will skitter, rear, back up ... that sort of thing and it becomes a chain reaction. All the other yearlings will skitter, rear, back up without knowing what they're supposed to be scared of.
Well, this is all well and good when you are an adult and keeping your eye on all the horses around you. For a kid only 3 feet tall ... this is a bit much.
So, here goes - the wind blows and a colt rears, the filly right next to us backs up just about on us and the horse on our other side starts to spin. The Daisy is running around the protection of the tree, trying to figure out which side is her best bet for safety. The Boo? He about loses his mind.
I picked him right up and he was literally shaking and so, my friends, I have ruined any hope of furthering an interest in horses in my son.
I shall now put all intended horse money for lessons and gear toward long-term therapy for The Boo.
Sorry, kid.