Monday, September 13, 2010

Scaring the bejeebers out of Boo

While milling about, waiting for The Daisy's Spanish class to start, we ended up at Keeneland's horse sales Monday morning. We insinuated ourselves near Three Chimneys Farm sales barn and hung out by a tree watching people look at horses.
The horses are all babies - 1 year olds - and therefore totally goofy. So when one decides that the wind or a rock or a bird is a scary thing destined to kill him, he will skitter, rear, back up ... that sort of thing and it becomes a chain reaction. All the other yearlings will skitter, rear, back up without knowing what they're supposed to be scared of.
Well, this is all well and good when you are an adult and keeping your eye on all the horses around you. For a kid only 3 feet tall ... this is a bit much.
So, here goes - the wind blows and a colt rears, the filly right next to us backs up just about on us and the horse on our other side starts to spin. The Daisy is running around the protection of the tree, trying to figure out which side is her best bet for safety. The Boo? He about loses his mind.
I picked him right up and he was literally shaking and so, my friends, I have ruined any hope of furthering an interest in horses in my son.
I shall now put all intended horse money for lessons and gear toward long-term therapy for The Boo.
Sorry, kid.

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