Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Shannon & Tony's Old Friends adventure

My friend Tony was in Lexington from L.A. to shoot some pictures so we made it a day full of horses, starting at Old Friends equine retirement. Tony has been there before as have I but we had a new horse to meet: Tinner's Way, one of Secretariat's sons, who came to live at Old Friends just two days prior to our visit.
Here is Kent with Old Friends trying to catch Tinner to go in.
This is Popcorn Deelights, better known as Seabiscuit since he was one of six horses used in the "Seabiscuit" movie.
Commentator, who's background escapes me:
But here is the ever-present Silver Charm, who gets love letters from mini mares across the country:
I mean, really, who could resist? I've told the kids perhaps we should have our mini Tara Jean send him a note.

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