Thursday, September 30, 2010

4th grade physics experiments

Our curriculum this year means The Daisy must learn about physics. This stressed me out because, really, could I even DEFINE physics??
I found an excellent site online for a book of physic experiments and so this is what we do twice a week. Several weeks have comprised experiments about air. This one was to determine how air takes up space through air flow:
The Daisy was surprised to find the paper came out dry when it had been submerged in water:
As a side note, The Daisy asked me about molecules. Hmmm, how to explain? I know I learned this in school somewhere ... Fortunately, I had these little magnet molecules in a kit ordered ages ago. We were able to demonstrate how molecules hold together when cool and expand when heat is added.
We didn't have a set plan for our Outdoor Nature Hour last week so we just walked our property. We were able to watch bees collecting pollen:
This was an outing that entirely stressed out The Boo. Over the summer, we were attacked by our neighbor's honeybees. It was a scary, nightmarish experience! So any flying insect gives The Boo great concern.

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