Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mount Everest game

I will be the first to admit that the last couple of years I have been somewhat obsessed with Mount Everest. There was some show on Discovery about an expedition and I just could never miss an episode. I read books, kept up with present expeditions on the Internet then I found this game.
You can see AstroBoy is making an appearance on our Everest expedition here. I can't remember how he fared.

It sat on the shelf over a year and finally I broke it out when our homeschooling year started. It's a little complicated but the game is based on actual expeditions. Actually, it's complicated just setting up the dadgum game! You choose a route to climb with your little climber dude, following the route and it's directions.

We cheated quite a bit and The Daisy still won. (The Boo kept putting cars on top of Everest and I complained we already had enough problems with global warming without putting cars on Everest.) For instance, your route direction says you can advance only if you have goggles or oxygen or a journal or some other nonsense. We traded cards for these things a lot, even though you're not supposed to.
My little climber dude kept falling off the Northern Col so I died a few times during my expedition.

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