Sunday, November 11, 2012

Akaka Falls, or where King Kong really lives

As with all our plans so far on the Big Island, whenever we head to a destination, it takes us about three times as long since we stop here and we stop there and we stop again whenever the mood strikes us. 
Our destination was Akaka Falls, the highest falls in Hawaii and one where the native fish actually climb UP the 400-foot-plus falls straight up. It was a beautiful walk to the falls, although I totally expected King Kong to come barging out of the gigantic trees and ferns. It was like something out of Jurassic Park and I was just thankful that Hawaii is void of any kind of snake because it would grow some kinda big in this jungle!
The falls from the parking lot:
 and then up close:
 My grandmother:
 and me (Susan made me do this really goofy pic but it didn't turn out well so you get the basic one):

 Here is the fish that suckers himself up to the top, lays eggs, descends on down to the ocean and, once mature, heads back to the birthing place to repeat the cycle. The climb alone should render these guys extinct!

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