Monday, November 5, 2012

Sunday in Hawaii

After a late night waiting for the tsunami that never appeared, we had an easy morning at the resort. We decided to explore what is seriously a compound with three different hotels and an indoor boat that takes you from place to place. Yes, a boat.
We started at the easternmost part of the resort that was closest to us, navigating rocks and coral so we could, as one local told us,“trip over turtles” on that part of the island. No turtles, but we came across a tide pool and that created the most fun up to that point. We saw lots of fish, including pipe fish, and several sea anemones and sea urchins. I navigated the rocks barefoot to pick up a sea urchin shell and ended up stepping on something that MOVED, which sent me into a screech.
The beaches aren't sandy at all but covered with lava rocks and white coral. Makes for impromptu sculpture:
The "x" is actually two pipefish:
We walked back across the resort and stopped for awhile at the dolphin lagoon to watch the feeding. I decided that’s where I would later Skype the kids from so they could see the dolphins.
 Hotel scenes:


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