Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Best snorkeling ever!

After going to one of the state parks earlier in the week, we were told the bay was home to lots of black tipped reef sharks and if we got there early, we’d see them. So this was the day we headed out there and sat and watched … and watched … and watched, and nary a shark. Each of us was contemplating cutting ourselves for a bit of blood to draw a shark. Susan and I even tiptoed through the water’s edge despite warnings not to wade or snorkel in the bay.
So, drat, that was a disappointment but we made up for it by making Susan sing her happy Titanic song again.
We drove down to Mauna Kea hotel where there’s a public beach and very few cars are allowed in at any one time. We donned our snorkel gear and out we went. Susan and I came across a small turtle and watched it ages! I was so thrilled!
After a drink of fredrico on the beach and girl talk, Susan, Melinda and I snorkeled on the other side of the bay.
Some snorkeler motioned for me to come over and there was a small octopus on the rock! So I had to get Susan and we watched it awhile. This was the best snorkeling area – it was like being in a different world with all the coral and different fish. As we were headed back in, we saw ANOTHER octopus that looked like a rock but when it swam, it turned purple. We found Melinda and took her back and found the octopus again.

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