Monday, November 5, 2012

A tsunami? For real?!

So while we were at dinner, a National Weather Service warning comes across: tsunami is going to hit all of Hawaii because of a significant earthquake in Canada earlier.
 Are you joking me? We headed back to the hotel where our room was on the third floor maybe half a block from the ocean on the southern side of the island. I was tired, had a headache and just reasoned that since we were on the other side of the island, I wasn’t too worried about any dadgum tsunami and went to bed.
My aunt Susan stayed up watching the news when hotel security came banging at the door, trying to get us to evacuate to the floor above. We refused.
Susan and I then sat out on the balcony when the tsunami was supposed to hit so we could watch it. Again, security came banging at the door wanting us to evacuate even higher and we said no.

See, our South Carolina back ground was coming out: it’s a 6 foot wave, how high can it reach? We said we really wanted to go stand on the seawall to watch it but figured when the water sucked out to sea that we would about pee in our pants at the realization of just how fast we were going to have to run!

So we watched and watched and watched, and Susan and I made wagers on how close we thought the water would get and … nothing. They called off the warning and we went to bed.
And that was all the next day's paper had about the tsunami - just a headline.

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