Friday, November 9, 2012

Snorkeling at Kahahuu Beach Park

MawMaw started meetings at her conference so Susan, Dean, Melinda and I drove a short way to Kahahuu Beach Melinda had read about as being excellent snorkeling in a protected bay. Well, it was excellent! Of course, I didn't have my underwater camera.
Susan and I buddied up and saw hordes of fish, but the most impressive was a snowflake eel and flounder. When we got out for a rest, there was a turtle sunning so we talked to it for a bit. (Here's Susan staying the required 15 feet away.)
As we were out in deep water, some spearfisher swam by us and snagged one, which made both of us feel bad! You know, we’re admiring all the beautiful fish and holding our hands out, hoping to touch them and then here comes some dude with a spear and *kapow!* you’re now dinner. Turns out the spearfisher and his buddy were two kids suspended from school. (Oh, darn, we’re suspended from school. Let’s go swim at the beach.) In addition to harpooning several fish, they’d also caught two octopi.

Back out we went and, while the tide was in, swimming over some coral gave us only about 18 inches of room and that was unnerving, trying NOT to touch the coral even accidently. What was more unnerving was swimming flat over some rocks and looking down to see that dadgum snowflake eel right under me. Amazing how fast one can move in water when scared!

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