Sunday, November 11, 2012


After Akaka Falls, we strolled around Hilo, site of “old Hawaii” where we saw (and I swung on) banyan trees and shopped some more. This banyan tree was too cool, and so are my uncle Dean and aunt Melinda!
 A time capsule buried near the cool banya tree. I don't think we'll be around to see the stuff when it's opened or we could say,"Ohhh, I remember those!"
 I am such a goof ball ...
 We got dinner at Ken’s (“jamming since 1971”), which turned out to be an excellent source of entertainment with the gong for the sumo platters and the huge plates of food. If someone ordered a “sumo platter,” a bell would ring, the gong would sound, and the whole staff would yell,”SUMO!”
The restaurant offers a Spam omlette. I forget what the big joke is on Hawaii about Spam.
What made the day was our long, dark drive home on the Saddle Road between volcanoes was when Susan regaled us with a song about the Titanic she learned in 4th grade. It was a rousing, happy song about disaster and she couldn’t get through it without cracking to pieces and, of course, all of us were in tears over the hilarity! It's not the same as her original version, but Melinda and I made her sing it again the next day for recording purposes:

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