Saturday, November 26, 2011

Louisville Zoo on Halloween weekend

The kids and I took a jaunt to the Louisville Zoo. It happened to be overcast and cold but still a worthwhile visit. I heard they had a baby polar bear so that's what we were on the search for.The Daisy wasn't even sure this was the baby!
But what was more fun were the grizzlies across from the baby polar bear. They were fighting or playing - don't know which - but it was very entertaining!

The other very cool thing was the seal tank where the kids watched the polar seals swimming. You had to stand there a bit to catch them swimming by.

I had to tear The Daisy away from the tank!

Not sure what it is about statues at the zoo for these kids -

The jackal, while interesting, STANK!

Again, with the statue!

The Daisy has good eyes. She spotted this bird in the aviary.

Then took this good picture of the alligator:

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