Saturday, October 8, 2011

Swimming is done

The pool we worked out of closed two weeks ago. My master instructor is opening a pool here in town in January and that's where I'll work out of. In the meantime, she's trying to get me in a city pool that is really, really beautiful and unused because it's in the middle of cracktown. Our clientele say they will continue lessons there so we'll see.
Have I heard the words,"You're finished" after 4 months of in-water training? Nope. I have been told to submit a headshot and bio for Nadyne's instructor website and told to expect to be slam busy come January.
Samantha's mom agreed to let me use her daughter in my headshot. Samantha is 3. We had some trouble - she likes to be in control and, in lessons, she was very much not in control. She swims like a goldfish now.
Having a little talk ...
This putting my finger on my face seems to be a nervous tick (see previous posts about swim training with Nadyne). A lot of my pictures have my finger on my face.
Putting on her princess crown to get in the water:

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