Saturday, November 26, 2011

Colonial Cup & visit to Great MawMaw's

Final race of the steeplechase season is the Colonial Cup in Camden, S.C., so I took the kids. And we got this picture next to one of the national fences because they're getting replaced (I don't know why)
We watched a couple of races right next to the fence, which is always exciting to see the horses come around the bend and take that jump. It is so beautiful.

Unfortunately, such beauty sometimes comes at a price. Mussiecoocoo here broke his shoulder during the race and was put down.
The Boo really was having fun. I swear!
The Daisy? If it involves horses, she's having fun.
I didn't take this. My friend Jennifer Leadbitter at Shadwell Stable took it at the training center. It is postcard worthy!!
Sitting outside Great MawMaw's house:

And with Great MawMaw:

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