Sunday, November 27, 2011

Atlanta Zoo

It was nice that there were days in the 70s while the kids were in town and we had a nice afternoon to visit the Atlanta Zoo. Here we go with the statues again:
My kids know how much I love them by going into bird exhibits. I'm scared of birds so standing in exhibits where the creatures are flying willy-nilly is not that fun for me. The Daisy loves birds and got this one to jump to her.
Then she gave it to The Boo because he couldn't get any to come to him (and I wasn't much help).
I love his expressions in these pictures.

On the way to the lion exhibit ...
This is a statue of Willie B., the zoo's only gorilla many years ago. I remember my parents taking me to the zoo and seeing Willie B. behind a glass enclosure playing with tires.
Now for the exciting part - the pandas!
The baby panda is growing up!
The zoo was full of babies. Bad picture of the baby gorilla:
And the two tiger cubs, which were playing and oh-so-cute!

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