Saturday, November 26, 2011

All in one day: visiting Aikenite then Leisa's wedding

My friend Mary Jane has left her job to concentrate on her young adult novel so I drove over to Aiken, S.C., to have lunch with her. We had a really nice visit and did I get any pictures of us together? Nooo. But I did get one of Dogwood Stable's "big horse," Aikenite.
He was such the gentleman - didn't try to bite me once.

This is an iconic Dogwood Stable photo. I had to have a copy!

Then I drove up to Greenville, S.C., for my college roommate Leisa's wedding to Mike.

And shameless self-promotion - I had to put this in just because of my $6 dress! My friend Anne is going to be annoyed I fessed up that it's $6, especially after she looked at the label and told me it was a $500 dress.

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