Saturday, March 26, 2011

Time for kissing

There is a wolf and big cat rescue in Nicholasville, Ky., and it's only open Saturday afternoons and so today was the day. We loaded up the posse and went.
What a cool place. Really.
Mostly, it's wolf hybrids but they have about four full wolves. I didn't know all this at first when I knelt down to take a picture and this one stuck its head out of the fence. I was FREAKED OUT! Turns out she was really sweet so I gave her tickles and she loved me. We knew we were going to have fun when we got there and were greeted by this mix:A lot of them would bark as we went by and it made Anthony a little nervous. And then he was all over it.

When I downloaded these, I was going,"Where are the pictures of MY kids??"

There are lots of deer rescues and they all like to give kisses.

This had to be the fattest raccoon I've ever seen. She looks like she'd like to eat us here but she was nonplussed by our presence.
Anthony getting his hair eaten:
Ok, we go all that way and are around fascinating animals and The Boo is most interested in the cat. The big kitties! Ganging up on the turkey:
Michael was making whistling sounds to attract the deer:

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