Friday, March 18, 2011

Remember the parking lot!

Anne suggested we join her for a hike up Sawnee Mountain to see the Indian Seats.She and The Daisy took the hard trail and The Boo and I took the easy one. As we got closer to the top of the mountain, I told Boo that we had been here before when his sister was really little and I backpacked her the whole way.
We have watched "Titanic" way too many times. Here The Boo is yelling,"I'm king of the world!" You can see four states from here: Just past the top, we passed Anne and The Daisy (lolling behind) and what I forgot was the most basic of wilderness tools: remember where the parking lot is. Well, I didn't know which trail we'd taken and so The Boo and I end up on the other side of the mountain. The park ranger told me it would "only" be a 30-minute hike to the other parking lot and I pointed to The Boo and told her,"He's FOUR and just walked all the way up and down that mountain." So some sweet chap pitied us and gave us a ride.
Anne thought we'd cheated until I told her the story.
So ... remember where the parking lot is before embarking on the trail.

Us with Anne's dog, Cali: We stopped to see The Daisy's friends and former babysitters, Preston and Andrew. Ok, so they took care of her when she was The Boo's age and now look at everybody!
We had to get a picture of Diva:Me and Anne. She has been a very, very good friend to me and I aspire to be the kind of person she is:

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