Saturday, March 26, 2011

Put the lamb down!

When we lived in Georgia, the Yellow River Game Ranch was one of our favorite places to go. So we went this time and took our friend Anne.
This is what Anne did the whole time we were there It is such a fun place where the deer walk right up to you to feed them. The Boo was a little timid about doing it. Of course, The Daisy is a pro at everything animal. What? Do you not like graham crackers after all?Then this baby lamb comes by and the kids chase it down and The Daisy even picks it up. I said,"Put the lamb down before we get kicked out!"Seems this is where The Boo was the happiest. Why do I have to spend money to go see farm animals?The Daisy looks like she's in heaven:This is the first time I can recollect that a squirrel has come up and eaten from our hands, but it was The patient Daisy who waited it out.

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