Sunday, May 2, 2010

Waking to a flood

Ok, so I knew we were getting some rain but it just didn't register that I might wake to flooding. And how! The horses had about 10 feet available to get out into the main yard since their remaining 5 acres was completely under water. Hank was looking quite nervous by the time I appeared this morning.
See the trampoline just hovering above the water? I waded out in that mess to get lawn furniture because I've lost a lot to flooding this year - hip deep - and I was skeered! I'm thinking I'm a good swimmer but this is a whole different ball of wax and I'm out here all by myself. Anyway, came out fine. Made for a good story.
Now ... how the chickens made it out of their coop, I don't know. Just when did they decide to bail? It went down pretty quickly after these pictures and I had to fix my back pasture fence that had been completely knocked down by the flood waters. The kids and I walked back to find ... a snake! The Boo found a worm and it totally grossed him out to hold it.

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