Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day outing: Old Friends

What did I want to do more than anything for Mother's Day? (Well, besides have the children feed me chocolate and rub my feet?) I opted for a visit to Old Friends rescue in Georgetown. This is my Mother's Day family photo: The Daisy surprised me with breakfast in bed with the egg sandwich she'd made herself plus lemon water and three strawberries from the farmer's market visit yesterday.
And then we were off.
It was just us and Val, the ever-present tour guide, recognized us from last summer. The Daisy is always one to get right in and feed carrots and peppermints and give rubs, but The Boo needs to warm up. THEN he got into it about halfway through because all of the horses are very gentle with kids. Now Val? She got a nip or two ... so did I. I guess we're too big.
Ah, BullintheHeather gets a back scratch from The Daisy:
Kiri's Clown also enjoyed a scratch on the withers. Look how happy The Daisy is.
This is one of Secretariat's sons:
For some reason, he was scared of kids so we spent some time with Val's encouragement feeding him carrots and he wasn't spooked at all.

Clever Allemont (I put him in just for my Facebook friend Alex Brown who helped in the rescuing of Clever from a feed lot):
This is Black Tie Affair, an Eclipse Award winner, now suffering terrible arthritis and cancer.
And the son of Charismatic, my favorite present-day racehorse:
The Daisy with Classy, the only mare we saw on our tour:
I really love Old Friends ... I never tire of going. Thank you to Val for such a great tour today and being so patient with The Boo!

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  1. Shannon,

    the gray horse is Black Tie Affair. I had fun, too--the kids are really great. Looking forward to next time!