Monday, May 17, 2010

Wild herb walk

From left, Lois, Becky, Jean, Nancy and Jane

Back in February, I auctioned off a one-hour herb walk here at the farm and so Saturday arrived and here came the girls from church: Jane, Jean, Becky, Lois and Nancy. Only Jane has been out here before.
We donned our ratty shoes because it's still pretty muddy from last week's flooding. Everyone immediately took to the ponies and fed peppermints, which endeared them to the horses! This was the first day Misty, the baby Haflinger, had let me touch her without food in my hand and let Nancy rub on her too.
We met up with dandelion, red clover, yarrow, garlic mustard, stinging nettle, yellow dock, plantain, jewelweed and sorrel. I'd gone walking earlier looking for mullein but no longer have any on my farm.
Lois photographing and Hank wondering why the camera isn't pointed at him:
Nancy using her horse whisper techniques to give the errant baby a rub!
Afterwards we had a quick repast of garlic mustard pesto, lemonbalm lemonade and a rice salad using last year's celery from my garden.
Everybody, but Lois since she has her own chickens, took home half a dozen eggs from my hens because I was overrun with about three dozen eggs on the counter!
Here are most of the girls and I (and no, I did not lead the herb walk in 3-inch heels?

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