Sunday, May 2, 2010

Field trip: Virginia Animal Safari

On our way to the DC area last week, our fun detour was the Virginia Animal Safari. A few years ago in Georgia, we did a similar thing at the Wild Animal Safari, which was MUCH better than this one, but this was still good in a pinch. Nothing like an elk trying to stick its head inside your car:
The Boo saying everything was "adorable."
This emu pecked The Daisy.
Feeding the bison:
And it stole my bucket!
The Daisy had to remind me we weren't supposed to get out of the car because I was about to so I could retrieve the bucket!

A little llama breath on the window:
This baby lemur was climbing all over its mom. Typical kid. You're trying to read the paper, play on the computer, take a nap and your child is climbing all over you.
The Daisy with the white tiger:
We weren't supposed to feed the zebra. I've heard they bite ... a lot.
We also weren't supposed to feed the watusi, and all I could think as we drove by it was "Please don't hit my car."

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