Friday, May 28, 2010

Edisto Island vacation

Ahhhh, South Carolina, how I love you ...
We were invited to Edisto Island for a beach vacation and stayed here:
This was The Boo's first time seeing the ocean. He played keep-away with the waves for a bit then one caught him and rolled him like a pencil. I thought that was going to be all she wrote but the next day he was actually in it and having a grand time.
Used to be a time I'd run right in the ocean and stay all day. Now I won't go in above my knees (watched "Jaws" too many times) and would like to just sit and read but there are children to be watched so I didn't find it very relaxing!
Now The Daisy? You can't keep her out of the ocean. She is a water baby! Her favorite time was to go in during high tide and get bashed around.
Our last day we found 4 sharks teeth and that was a big deal.

The Boo and I took about an hour to pick strawberries.
This is the kind of road I want for a driveway where I can see live oaks draped with Spanish moss every day. There is nothing like this view:

One morning found us at The Serpentarium and I have to say this was the best place and program we've EVER seen! If you go to Edisto, it's a must stop!
Gator exhibit at The Serpentarium:
You won't believe this picture - if you click on it and look closely at the bottom, this is a black king snake EATING a corn snake! They ended up falling out of the tree and that turned 'em loose, but it was entirely freaky to watch.
Here is The Daisy ... happy as a clam because she's around reptiles:
The exhibit of non-venomous snakes - there were HUNDREDS of snakes writhing in the trees and make even the best snake lover have bad dreams. It was seriously messed up.

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