Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Meeting friends in DC, Museum of the American Indian

Saturday & Sunday was spent with friends in the DC area!
First, we went to the Museum of the American Indian. It is well done, a lot of information and, surprisingly, you see tribes you never heard of and then some of the ones you have are glaringly void in the museum.
A depiction of the Cherokee story of creation:
Some very cool interactive computer programs, finding out about projectile points and arrowheads:
This was my favorite part of the exhibit:
Some things in there that made me think because I hadn't considered them.

Now to tell you about this artist means I have to get up from the computer. He used recycled materials - here, baseball mitts. It was awesome!
This is the one where the kids had to act silly. Here with my high school friend Ramon, who was kind enough to meet us both days:
Our last dinner together and I got crabcakes and, yes, they are much better than the ones I've had in South Carolina. Now, truthfully, here is the biggest hit of our entire trip: the Metro!

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