Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Side field trip: Rough River Dam

Earlier this week the kids and I had an American Indian education performance in western Kentucky. First, we went into a nursing home to do our thing - a first in 10 years of my performing this kind of show - then we had a few hours to kill before the library performance.
So we hit Rough River Dam and The Daisy exclaimed it was one of the most beautiful places she'd ever seen. There were a few people fishing near us and The Daisy and The Boo threw rocks into the river. I'm sure those guys appreciated that. The Daisy found discarded fishing line and decided to fashion herself a fishing pole. The Boo followed suit, here tying it around a rock for a weight. Alas, no fish were caught and we headed out soon after to make our show. This is part of what I look like for show time:

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