Monday, July 29, 2013

Two days of fun: miniature golf & Wakoola

Now on our list is going to play miniature golf so we hit a really cool place near my friend Bernadette's. Thing is it's a little dangerous playing mini-golf with kids who don't realize just how far that ball can fly when you hit it  .... and it was a little crowded that night. 

 Then I had some wonky thing happen with my brakes so Bernadette's husband Larry let me borrow his Jeep to get to work. It was a little cool that morning .... and then it started to pour! Once we got to work, all of us looked like we'd been put in the spin cycle and then dried with a high speed blower. We laughed and said,"That was the most miserable car ride EVER!"
 But Baton Bob made up for it in the afternoon. This guy has all sorts of glittery outfits and conducts his own one-man parade in Buckhead in afternoon traffic. We saw him and beeped and hollered and he blew us kisses.
 The next day we hit our favorite spot: Wakoola water garden store.
 Enough said!
 But somebody's not paying attention!

 "Hayes, I LOVE Wakoola!"
 I think these are marsh marigolds.
 Looking for bullfrog tadpoles.
 I want a backyard that looks like this:
 And a house that looks like this (only a lot smaller):

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