Monday, July 1, 2013

Butterflies and wild animals!

After Saturday swimming (Hayes has a job as my teaching assistant for American Red Cross swim lessons), we drove to Callaway Gardens for the butterfly house.
 This is Cort's reflection in the door.
 There was a Ruin-All-the-Fun-Butterfly-Police in the house so we couldn't touch and hold them like we did last year. Cort found this one hanging by the door and talked to it.
 Then one gave him a kiss!
 And another!

 So we decided to go back up the road and visit the Wild Animal Safari where there are NO Butterfly Police.

 Hayes was in charge of pictures since I was doing the driving.
 And here is one reason you do NOT drive your own car through the safari!
 Oh, hello!
 Hayes gave this a big wet pat on the nose. Ick!
 Hello, Tatanka.
 What a gob!
 I think they were having fun ... !

 This looks like Hayes and this water buffalo were having a stare off about who was going to give in first.
 Little baby tatanka ... doing yoga?
 As we drove over the dam, I was more enthralled with the hundreds of turtles and huge snapping turtles in the lake!!
 Here came Hayes' favorite part: where she fed the zebra. Zebra are notorious biters. Since she's horse savvy, she just took a chance.
 "I petted a zebra!"
 Cort seemed pretty happy with it too.
 A goodbye pat on the nose.
 Rhino didn't want to be disturbed but we hollered "bye!"

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