Monday, July 29, 2013

Miscellaneous summer shots

Here are my very cool kids from one night when I promised them pie at Waffle House! They treat the convertible like an amusement park ride, sticking their hands up and hollering with glee!
 Hayes took this of her brother one day:
 Cort with his pig, "Pigatron." He fell in love with that pig.
 No one can resist the mini donkeys though.
 Hayes camped out in this pony's stall every time we went to the horse rescue.
 The kids completed their summer reading list and made the Wall of Champions at the library! Here's Cort:

 Then it was time to catch lightning bugs! Ah, summer fun.
 The lightning bugs were too fast but Cort caught a toad and then ...
 It peed on him so Hayes demonstrated how you hold a toad so you don't get peed on while Cort was disgusted.
 I saw Hayes had sorted all the gems we got from gold panning. How smart is she?!

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