Monday, July 1, 2013

Our first week back together

The kids are joined back up early June and immediately got to swimming while I taught. 

Here is my mermaid!
 And Cort taking a flying leap from the hot tub (we were in pool heaven at this house!):
 All that swimming makes a boy so tired than he can roll out of the bed and keep on sleeping!
 Then we went to visit Great MawMaw and she asked to brush Hayes' hair because she hasn't been able to do so since Hayes was about 2!
 Ouch! Found a rat's nest ...
 Cort tried teaching Great MawMaw to play Angry Birds, the board game.
 I kind of have the same look as she does when he and I play.
 This picture cracks me up!
 Then joy of joys, we watched the Dogwood Stable horse, Palace Malice, win the Belmont Stakes!

And that was just our first week of fun!

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