Sunday, April 8, 2012

My daughter turns 11

The Daisy turned 11 on Feb. 21 and I spent the weekend after her birthday with her and The Boo. She opened her presents from me and Great MawMaw: Breyer horses, including a Secretariat. I gave her a photo book of adventures we've done in the last couple of years because she told me she didn't have any pictures of me to take to school.
Since it was her weekend, I let her choose where to eat (Ted's Montana Grill) and what to do. She wanted to go riding but it was unbelievably cold so we didn't do that and she was very disappointed.
We played games - The Boo pulled out his Angry Birds game that I let him cheat and win every game.
We went by Staples and The Daisy goes ga-ga for plain notebooks. I mean, she goes so crazy that I wondered why I've bought anything else for her ever?
The last part of The Daisy's birthday wish was to see our old neighbor friends, The Boys:
So after I dropped them off and headed home, I saw this on my back window at the gas station that The Daisy drew. I about cried.

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