Sunday, April 22, 2012

Spring Break 2012: Alivie

Nothing was going to be as important during our spring break visit than going to the horse rescue to mess with Alivie, a 5-year-old off-track Thoroughbred. The Daisy is in love with this horse and insists that we adopt her. Insists!
I have to say this mare has a great disposition for being a Thoroughbred and is patient and tolerant of little people, which is necessary for any horse we're going to be around.
Oh my gosh, I just love The Daisy so much!
This horse has a really nice butt. You can tell horse people - we like to talk about horse's butts.
See The Boo in the background? After we were attacked by a neighbor's mad honey bees almost two years ago, he has been traumatized by any flying thing outside. So bees flying around were about to stroke him out. He began running in a panic and I had to sit him down and talk through that these were carpenter bees and not at all interested in us. It took about two days of this before it sank in and he would walk past bees going,"They're not interested in us. They're not interested in us."
We helped bring in horses and feed one afternoon. A momma and baby had just been separated and The Daisy talked to the baby and calmed her down in order to lead her in. I had the momma and about got plowed by her because I wasn't paying attention to just how upset she was going to be away from her baby. I, of all mothers, should've understood.
After that, The Daisy wanted to hang out with the baby and The Boo liked it because it was more his size
... then he wanted to go give carrots to Bravo, the rescue's Shire mascot.

I love this picture! The Daisy with Bravo and Strawberry.

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