Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My first regatta with my Aunt Susan & cousin Rhett

I was lucky that a couple of weeks ago my cousin Rhett from Dallas was in Gainesville for a regatta. I've never seen a regatta and haven't seen my Aunt Susan in three years since my mom died.
This is Susan cheering on Rhett's first race:

We spent the whole day together and my grandmother came over from South Carolina along with my Aunt Donna, who worked hard at letting us know how miserable she was to spend the day with the only family she has left. Here's me with my grandmother:

Everyone's always said Susan and I look exactly alike so we were trying to get a picture but we were getting our eyeballs seered out from staring into the sun ...

So we got one, with my Uncle Bill's thumb included:

I was impressed with the regetta and Rhett's crew did really well in each race.

I can't believe my aunt got this shirt for her son. If you can't read it, it says "I can't hook up with you, I have crew."
Here's Rhett's crew (Rhett is far right) and they're holding Shannon, their cocksman who is kind of the on-water coach. Yeah, they're all in high school.

Some of the Quave cousins: me, Rhett and Donna's youngest son Asher. I was the only grandchild for 18 years and then four boys came in succession.

Here's my Uncle Bill in the "Quave sandwich:"
And at the end of Rhett's regatta, this most amazing rainbow came out. I haven't seen a full rainbow in I-don't-know-when and you could see so many colors in it:
Then Sunday came and I was all sad Susan was gone.

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