Sunday, June 12, 2011

Visit to the horse rescue

Since all of us are now horse-less, we visited the horse rescue in town, where we had previously volunteered and adopted three mares.
I am really surprised at The Boo's interest in horses now, but I think it's only if the thing is his size. A larger animal still intimidates him and he isn't nearly as horse savvy as The Daisy.
They've both become enamored with the mini-donkeys and, really, who can blame them with a face like that?
And The Daisy played with an app on my phone that lets you color pictures and this is one of the results:
She asked me to email the rescue's director about taking on a project while she's living with me this summer and today we were out looking over some possibilities. Here's one on her list - Miss Tigger:
I liked these girls:
And this guy too. My stepfather Jerry wants a mule. I've told him I was going to adopt one and keep it for him. Maybe this little guy would do.
The rescue takes in everything, as you can see, and, clearly, it was hot today:
I have the worst time convincing them it's time to go.

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