Saturday, June 25, 2011

4 down, 2 to go

My infant swim training is down four weeks and I only have two more to go. It was a pretty good week.

In fact, Nadyne, my master instructor, told me I was going to be a good instructor and that I actually reminded her of herself.

I rode that comment all during my last day of the week ... until my last two lessons bombed. And I mean really bombed. I got a talking to about having created dependent swimmers who were chasing me around the pool instead of relying on their skills. Phooey.

I'd been feeling pretty good - Nadyne left me alone Wednesday afternoon when she had a meeting. It was good for both of us and I especially knew I had to figure things out instead of asking her,"He's doing THIS and I think I should do THAT but what do you think?" I actually reinforced a swimming behavior that was totally wrong when I was on my own and immediately thought,"Uh oh, I better fix that right now" and did.

Four o'clock is when we get slammed busy and Nadyne still wasn't back yet. I was finishing up one of her 14-month-old students when the skies darkened and a wind gust slammed the pool door shut. Heck, it's going to storm, I thought. So I finished the lesson and put the baby on the side of the pool: "You're all done, baby!"  and at that very moment lightning flashed and I jumped out: "And so am I!" So I didn't get to finish lessons on my own and got a day cut short.

This coming week, Nadyne is coming in street clothes so she isn't tempted to get in the water. She'll also film me so I can see what I'm doing. This is something I pretty much know but am not thinking fast enough to NOT do something wrong. Here's hoping ...

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