Saturday, June 25, 2011

Do you believe in magic?

One day last week after swimming, I took the kids to an exhibit at Fernbank Natural History Museum about mythical creatures.
The Daisy will tell you anything you need to know about dragons and unicorns and the both of them were really excited about this exhibit.
Turns out, we went during Superhero Day. A big "wow" for The Boo!
I've always thought of The Daisy as a mermaid:
BUT, I'm a little concerned at just how good The Boo looks as a mermaid!
This dragon greeted us and the kids were beside themselves with excitement!
Really, I don't know where she gets being such a ham from.
I told The Daisy she seemed to be obsessed with Pegasus when she was an itty-bitty baby
The Boo informed me this was a viking and I needed to take his picture next to him
I'd like to have one of these in the yard
Before the museum opened, The Bubble Man was there entertaining kids.
He made some good bubbles and big enough to catch The Boo in!
We explored other areas of the museum, like the science section, where the kids got to be meteorologists:
And the Kids' Nature Area. I didn't think I was going to get them out of here! This was a projection pond with fish kids were trying to step on. I'd actually like one of these too inside the house!
Fernbank was a hit, I must say. I like hearing my kids say,"I LOVE visiting the museum!"

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