Monday, June 20, 2011

Adventure at Wakoola Water Garden

This is what I want my yard to look like.
Wakoola opened almost 10 years ago and The Daisy and I would go every so often to look at the fish and I'd gaze longingly at the ponds.
After a full week here, I told the kids we were on a surprise adventure and this is where I took them. They had So.Much.Fun! and it was free, I tell you!
Sometimes little brothers are so annoying.
The Daisy was most excited about this gi-normous koi pond
and announced she wants one of the BIG ones for her birthday. Never mind that they're about $500 a fish.
We meandered to the holding tanks for the smaller fish where both The Daisy and The Boo tried catching whatever they could.
I spotted an employee and told them to knock it off. The Daisy then announced she would take one of the $13 baby koi for her birthday, just so I'd know.
In the overgrowth, we found an old truck that looks like 'Mater from "Cars." Boo was in heaven!
Lots of fun, that place!

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