Sunday, October 17, 2010

"Please don't make me pet the chicken."

This week we added three new hens to our flock, bringing our total up to eight hens and one rooster. Over summer, I had four total roosters and the crowing was non-stop! At least this remaining rooster wakes us around 5:30 every morning and then it's done.
While I am scared of birds - don't ask me why because I don't know and one day I'll share with you how my daughter THREW a chicken at me last year - the kids are very attached to most of these hens. And now The Daisy has grabbed a pretty tame hen from the neighbor's house, named it Flicker, and had it sit in on school last week. Meanwhile, The Boo had one of the kittens "petting" the hen. Just look at that poor thing's face - "Please don't let anybody see me petting this chicken." I had to get in on the action by setting up this Transformer dude to face off against Flicker. Just so you know, the other roosters were sold at an auction, and I get about three eggs a day from my producing hens and I'm overrun with eggs! These new ones are pretty young so I don't know if they're laying yet.

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