Saturday, October 9, 2010

I bet they don't do THIS in school ...

One of the things about homeschooling is that there is a lot of time for creativity and it's times like these that I hate to interrupt impromptu learning - like this car set up they got going one morning that involved dominoes too:
We got out the Halloween decorations Monday:
Of course, we're always going somewhere ...
Part of The Daisy's schoolwork is learning to cook. She took it upon herself to make deviled eggs from her Usborne First Cookbook. She and The Boo are peeling the boiled eggs here.
They hadn't boiled long enough so the deviled eggs were a bust.

Here The Daisy helps The Boo with his worksheets on smallest to largest:

We're continuing to work the multiplication tables and this week was the 3s. The Daisy knows all but 4s, 6s, 7s and 8s. I find this remarkable for a child who was struggling with "1 +" a matter of weeks ago. I hadn't laid a very good math foundation, expecting her just to KNOW IT after all this time but I got a math curriculum that has worked wonders for her ... and me, who is not the most patient of teachers at times.
Part of science this week was the game "Gross Anatomy" because we studied digestion.
In this game, you work your way through the intestines and, depending on whether you land on a gas bubble or a piece of food in which you must answer a trivia question about digestion, determines how you advance .... and win by landing in the toilet.
I bet they don't play games like this in school.


  1. Fun week!!!

    Now I'm hungry for deviled eggs. =o)

  2. We are studying human body systems in science and today we made fake poo in studying the excretory system. Check out my blog in the next couple of days to see how we did it. Gross but funny!