Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Field trip: Newport Aquarium

Last week was homeschool day at Newport Aquarium. Since my memory is short, it wasn't until I was in the will call line that I remembered I said LAST YEAR that I would not go to the aquarium during homeschool day because it was so crowded. I must make a note of it!
Really, it surprises me how many times the kids can go to the aquarium and still find it enjoyable. This go round, The Daisy decided she was going to sketch fish. This lasted through only two fish then the sketch pad was pocketed. Dadgum fish wouldn't hold still!

So I love this ... at the display of this alligator snapping turtle (and there's one this big in our creek), just look at The Boo's eyes! "I'm not turning my back on THAT thing!"
In two places in the aquarium there are plexiglass walk-overs. Well, The Boo would have nothing to do with the first one and then ... he found himself on one quite by surprise. Uh oh. When he realized that he was NOT going to fall through, this became the highlight of the aquarium visit and he walked over this one four times back and forth. Then he did a little dance right in the middle and yelled,"I'm brave!" Yes, you are, little man.

Now The Daisy is up for anything and I've never had to hold her back from anything so from the time she was little, she was always at a touch tank. Not The Boo. When the sharks swam by here, he gave up the whole bravery notion ... then reconsidered after he saw his sister hanging around with her hands in the tank and remaining intact. So he did pet one and, again: "I'm brave!"

We had a little time to kill after leaving so the bookstore is always a good stop ... if I can get out of there without spending any money! The Daisy grabbed a book on mythology and The Boo played trains with another kid until time to go. Note to self: skip next year's homeschool day at the aquarium.

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