Wednesday, September 19, 2012

So I took a walk ...

... and kept stopping to take pictures! It makes me laugh at how much people miss.

This is one of my favorite plants: jewelweed. It's found in wet areas and the hummingbirds love it. The flowers are tubular and come in orange, as pictured here, or yellow. (I think orange is prettier.) Jewelweed is a great treatment for poison ivy. I make a slurry out of it - chop the leaves, stems and all with some water - and freeze it to have on hand just in case.
I wish I knew what kind of creepy crawling caterpillar this is. It was HUGE.
The goldenrod was prolific. Goldenrod is also called "farewell to summer" as it's the last to bloom. I've collected some already because it makes an excellent dried tea to alleviate cold symptoms.
This is milkweed, which is a great food and host plant for monarch butterflies. I read in a book just a few weeks ago about the "sweet smell of milkweed," but I tried it and thought it pretty much stank.
And then there was this box turtle - an "oo-shna-we" in Cherokee - probably on its way to find a hibernating place. Night, little box turtle.

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