Sunday, July 22, 2012

Tybee Island, Georgia

Cort came for summer with his mind set on all of us going to the beach. I reminded him he was going after our summer together but he said he wanted to go to the beach with me so off we went to Tybee Island.
I'd gone to Tybee many years ago - it actually was Hayes' first beach trip. It's close to Savannah and a quaint town, although quite busy this go-round at the height of summer.
We made our first stop at the Tybee Marine Education Center - quite nice for such a small place. They have a touch tank, which Hayes dives right into but takes Cort a bit of time to warm to the idea.

Then it was off to the beach. This pictures are from our afternoon romp when it was less crowded and it was low tide. There was gobs of seaweed and both times we were in the ocean there were dolphins swimming nearby. That was soooo cool.

Speaking of dolphins, I promised the kids a dolphin tour.

As Cort reminded me, it was his first time on a boat and he was thrilled!
Of course, nothing compares to seeing dolphins. I'll spare you the 500 dolphin images and give you the best couple, including this pelican yoga pose:

We did all the tourist-y stuff, including stopping to feed alligators at this popular restaurant. This one snapped Hayes' bait off her line, which made her jump and I laughed, considering this is the girl who wanted to go work at Australia Zoo with the late Steve Irwin.

Speaking of tourist-y ... !
I sent this one to my friend Nick while we were at the beach. It's entitled: My Mom's So Weird.
We had stopped at a gas station for a break right before we reached Savannah and saw this dead beetle. That's right - we had to pick it up!
Our parting family portrait ... we had such a great time together!

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