Sunday, July 8, 2012

Tennessee Aquarium

I consider the Tennessee Aquarium to be the best I've been to in the southeast and Hayes hadn't been since she was 3 or 4 so this was a nice trip on our way home from seeing Aunt Susan, Uncle Bill and Cousin Rhett at Rhett's regatta.
Yeah, I took that of the shark. Enhanced with Instagram.

Here's Hayes with the Tennesse sturgeon as the aquarium tries to save the population.
It's really hard to get Cort to touch stuff but once he does, he is absolutely thrilled!

Warning at the alligator display. Oh darn.

Turtle yoga:

That kid loves snakes and so this one moving all about in the tank just mesmerized her.

So now we're past the touching-freaks-me-out thing and Cort was reaching for sharks.

Hayes was getting him in good position where he could get sharks and stingrays.

It's always been a chore to get her away from ANY touch tank.

If you recall back in the spring when we went to Callaway's butterfly garden, Cort could barely get close to a butterfly. At the aquarium, we walked into the butterfly house and one immediately landed on him. He was ecstatic. On the flip side, Hayes couldn't get any butterflies and got a bit annoyed about it ... especially since I'd made her leave the touch tank to go to the butterfly house.

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