Sunday, July 8, 2012

Shhh... The Secret City!

My cousin Rhett had another regatta in Tennessee so the kids and I went up to see the races. Unfortunately, Rhett's crew didn't do well the day we arrived so we didn't get to see him race. We caught him at the hotel and all the kids could say was,"His muscles are so big!"

But my Aunt Susan said something about "the secret city," which turned out to be Oakland, Tenn., and was crucial to helping American win World War II. Who knew?
For the above picture, the museum said women stationed at these boards were told if an arrow moved to the right, they needed to turn a certain knob to the left. No one knew what she was working on or for! Can you imagine??

Our family photo:

Next to a Soviet missile inside The Secret City museum.

My Aunt Susan doing some sort of light thingy. I forget what it was supposed to be.

This one cracks me up! The info card next to it said don't touch the ball and another person or y'all would get a SHOCK so Susan was a bit freaked out. Ha!

Hayes working some engineering thingamabobby:
Educational family trip!

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