Sunday, January 8, 2012

Hello, Mr. Five!

January 1st brings The Boo's birthday and this year he turned 5. Five!!
I found a Spiderman cake, showed him the picture and so he was determined that the cake I made should look exactly like that cake. Here's a picture of what it looked like before it got all messed up with me trying to ice a spider and the number 5 on it.

The prized present of the year was a Captain America shield. During the few days we were together, I discovered I had bought the wrong Captain America shield. There had already been a talk about being appreciative for the things you DO get so when The Boo opened this present, he very politely said,"Thank you, Unitsi! (pause) It's ok you got me the wrong shield."
Poor Reset.

So I took him to get the right one later, only for him to change his mind completely and opt for Spiderman's nemesis Venom figure.

The day started with marble bowling. That's what he wanted to do.

Where'd it go?

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